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Siamese cat Viki Bast, a 21

kitten Floy Maaw, Black spotted
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 Siamese and east cats (oriental cat) in Russia, Shevchenko E.
s we have found out, the first cats Siamese îêðàñà have delivered in the USSR not so long ago - in the beginning of 60th years of the last century. Whether there were these cats Siamese? Most likely, no, it there were cats domestic, Siamese îêðàñà.
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 CFA Breed Standard: Oriental, The Cat Fanciers' Association Author email Author URL
Updated: April 7 2004. A black line denotes an updated section.
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 GCCF Standards of Points for Oriental Cats, Oriental Joint Breed Advisory Committee Author URL
ORIENTAL SHORTHAIRS (except the Foreign White)
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