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Importing cats via the PETS scheme UK

WHAT DOES IT COST TO IMPORT MY DOG OR CAT? Eurotunnel has no information about the cost of vaccinations, blood tests, certificates and treatment for parasites; your vet should be able to advise you on this.

Customers bringing animals in via Eurotunnel are required to buy a 'pets' ticket. The cost of the ticket is 30 per animal, in addition to the cost of the travel ticket for the vehicle. Assistance dogs accompanying disabled people travel free of charge.

HOW DOES THE ANIMAL TRAVEL THROUGH THE SYSTEM? Eurotunnel requires that pets stay in the car at all times, although you may be asked to bring it outside the car for scanning and checking. On board the shuttle train your pet will be in your vehicle, however, in the interests of safety all cats must be confined in a container (travel basket). It is recommended that small dogs should be also confined in a container. All dogs must have a collar and lead.
WHAT ABOUT PETS' TOILETS? Customers are expected to have made appropriate arrangements before passing through check-in. Emergency exercise areas are provided within Eurotunnel's terminals.
ARE ANIMALS ALLOWED ON ALL EUROTUNNEL SERVICES? No. The PETS scheme is for cats and dogs only, travelling on the passenger shuttle service in a car, caravan or campervan. No animals are permitted on the freight shuttle service or on board passenger coaches. However assistance dogs are allowed on board passenger coaches and travel free.
WHAT HAPPENS IF MY ANIMAL DOES NOT HAVE THE NECESSARY MICROCHIP / VACCINATION, ETC.? The animal will be refused entry to the Eurotunnel system. Eurotunnel staff will assist, as far as possible, to resolve any problems but the staff carrying out the checks do not have any discretion if an animal or the documents do not fully comply with the requirements.

Any costs arising out of resolution of such problems are to the account of the pet owner.

WHEN DO I HAVE TO GET THE PET TREATED FOR PARASITES? Part of the entry conditions is that every animal must be treated for ticks and worms (echinococcus multilocularis) between 24 and 48 hours before travel into the UK.

You must have a certificate which identifies each animal (by microchip number) and confirms that the animal has been treated with the prescribed products. The certificate must show the date and time of treatment and be signed by a veterinary surgeon.

Short stay visitors have to have the parasite treatment carried out in the UK prior to travel.

MY ANIMAL IS ALREADY VACCINATED AGAINST RABIES. DOES THIS MEAN THAT I DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR SEVEN MONTHS BEFORE ENTERING THE UK? A satisfactory blood test must be carried out at least six months before entry into the UK.
HOW CAN I BE SURE BEFORE LEAVING THE UK THAT MY PET WILL BE RE-ADMITTED? Provided that your animal complies with the six pre-entry requirements, there should be no difficulty about re-entry. Make sure that you have the necessary documentation and ask your vet to confirm that the chip is still legible (occasionally chips migrate round an animal's body).

Eurotunnel has a microchip reader available in the UK (at the security check near passport control). You can borrow the reader to check your pet's microchip for your own peace of mind. In France the staff in the Pet Control Centre will be happy to check your documents and microchip before the date of travel for customers who require this reassurance.

DOES THE VACCINATION ETC. HAVE TO BE DONE BY A UK VET? No. Treatment, blood testing, and documentation by a qualified vet in the approved countries is equally acceptable.
CAN I USE THE PETS SCHEME AT ANY TIME? Yes, but you are advised to book your ticket with Eurotunnel through the Call Centre (08705 35 35 35) or via the internet because there is a limit to the number of pets permitted on each departure.
WHAT INFORMATION WILL I NEED TO GIVE EUROTUNNEL AT THE TIME OF BOOKING? When booking your travel please ensure that the telephone agent is aware that you will also be carrying a pet.

Please tell the agent how many animals will be travelling (in total). Please state what type of animals are travelling, i.e. cat or dog.

You may be asked for the rabies certificate number and its dates of validity (date from.... date to....).

WHAT SHOULD I DO TO PROTECT MYSELF IN THE EVENT OF FAILING THE PETS CHECK? Anybody taking a pet cat or dog abroad is advised to obtain pet insurance cover to insure against the risk of having to visit a vet abroad (other than for the treatment for ticks and worms) or for the consequences of failing the PETS check and having to place the animal in kennels.
WHAT SHOULD I CONSIDER WHEN PLANNING A JOURNEY WITH A PET? Check that you have made a reservation with Eurotunnel.

Your animal should be sufficiently fit and healthy to withstand the intended journey. If necessary or, if you are uncertain, consult your vet before travelling. An animal should not normally be considered fit for transport:

which is ill or injured (except for insignificant illness or injury);
which is new-born with an unhealed navel;
which is incapable of feeding itself and not accompanied by its mother;
which has given birth within 48 hours before starting the journey;
which is heavily pregnant and likely to give birth during the journey.

Eurotunnel reserves the right to refuse travel on board the shuttle to any animal which, in its opinion, is not in a fit state to travel owing to illness, injury or infirmity.

Ensure that you have the correct documents and that they remain valid for your intended dates of travel.

Plan your itinerary to take account of the fact that you must have your pet treated for parasites not less than 24 nor more than 48 hours before your intended time of travel on the shuttle to the UK. Bear in mind that vets surgeries will not normally be open at week-ends or overnight and that call-outs at these times could be very expensive. Ensure that you receive a certificate signed by the vet and stating the date and time of treatment.

SHOULD I GIVE MY PET A TRANQUILISER BEFORE TRAVELLING? The use of tranquillisers is not recommended because the effect on the animal may be unpredictable. Travel on a Eurotunnel shuttle is no different to a normal car journey for your pet.
SHOULD I FEED MY PET BEFORE TRAVELLING? Your pet will travel better if it does not have a full stomach, so only a light meal about two hours before the journey starts is advisable.

Your pet should be given the opportunity to urinate and defecate shortly before being confined for travel.

SHOULD I FEED MY PET BEFORE TRAVELLING?Your pet will travel better if it does not have a full stomach, so only a light meal about two hours before the journey starts is advisable.

Your pet should be given the opportunity to urinate and defecate shortly before being confined for travel.

CAN I EXERCISE MY ANIMAL ON THE EUROTUNNEL TERMINAL OR IN THE SHUTTLE TRAIN?No. The Eurotunnel byelaws and Conditions of carriage are specific:

animals must be kept under control at all times
animals are to remain in vehicles and must not be permitted to get out except with the permission of Eurotunnel
no animal is to foul any part of the tunnel system (the term 'tunnel system' includes terminals, trains, etc.)

Please ensure that your pet has urinated and defecated before entering the terminal.

SHOULD MY PET BE IN A TRAVEL CONTAINER?A travel container (travelling basket or cage) is a safer means of transporting a pet in a car. The container should be placed where it is secure and cannot move under acceleration, braking and cornering, is easily accessible and where it is not exposed to strong sunlight or cold drafts.

Eurotunnel requires that all cats travelling on the Eurotunnel passenger shuttle service must be in a container. All dogs must wear a collar and a lead must be available.

If you are using a container:

it should be of sufficient size for your pet; sufficient at least for it to sit, stand and lie down in a natural position and to turn around easily;
the container should not contain anything which could injure the animal and should be so designed that no part of the animal can protrude or become trapped;
it must have adequate ventilation for all stages of the journey;
a means of providing food and water should be available if your journey is to last more than a few hours;
appropriate and absorbent bedding should be provided;
the pet should be introduced to the travel container for short periods of time before starting your journey.

ARE THERE ANY SPECIAL TIPS FOR TRAVELLING ON THE EUROTUNNEL SHUTTLE?See the advice on containers above (note cats must be in containers).

On board the shuttle you will be required to have your car windows open (at least 150mm or 6 inches) in order that you can hear important passenger safety announcements. You must ensure that your pet cannot escape through the open windows.

When a dog is being carried loose in the luggage compartment of an estate car or hatchback, a secure dog-guard should be fitted and the floor should have a non-slip surface.

Please ensure that you have a sunscreen of some sort to keep your animal screened from direct sunlight.

Please make sure that your pet has adequate ventilation at all times and do not forget to carry some water and a bowl so that your pet can have a drink.

DO I HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ON ARRIVAL IN UK?If you have successfully completed the checks in the French terminal you are free to drive off the shuttle and continue your journey on arrival in the UK.

If your pet is not well after your arrival in UK you should seek advice from a veterinary surgeon as soon as possible

CAN I USE EUROTUNNEL SHUTTLE SERVICES TO TRANSPORT BALAI ANIMALS?Traders importing cats or dogs under the Balai regulations can use Eurotunnel shuttle services for the crossing into the UK, provided that the vehicle in which the trader is transporting animals is suitable for travel on the Eurotunnel passenger shuttle service, i.e. is a passenger carrying car or light vehicle such as a small van (no larger than a short wheel-base Transit), a campervan or caravan.
CAN I USE EUROTUNNEL TO TRANSPORT AN ANIMAL GOING INTO QUARANTINE?Yes. You are advised to make arrangements with a quarantine kennels of your choice and with an authorised carrier well in advance of your intended date of travel. The authorised carrier will have to meet you in France to receive your pet. This handover is best conducted outside the terminal before you or the authorised carrier's vehicle checks-in for travel. The kennels and authorised carrier will assist in making all appropriate arrangements.
ARE THERE ANY REGULATIONS ABOUT TAKING MY PET OUT OF THE UK? These requirements are separate from those of the Pet Travel Scheme.Some of the qualifying countries require a certificate, known as an EXPORT HEALTH CERTIFICATE, to show that your pet meets certain health conditions.

If you do not have an Export Health Certificate you may be refused entry. For details of how to obtain an Export Health Certificate contact your local DEFRA Animal Health Division Office (look in your local telephone directory under "Agriculture" or under "Government Offices" in Yellow Pages).

WHERE CAN I OBTAIN ANY OTHER INFORMATION? Eurotunnel has brought together as much information as possible in this guide to permit you to legally import pet dogs or cats into the UK on Eurotunnel passenger shuttle services. Further information can be found on the Department for Environment, Foot and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Pet Travel Scheme website :

PETS telephone helpline: 00 44 (0)870 241 1710 (8:30 - 17:00 Mon-Fri)

DEFRA e-mail address :

Fax.: 00 44 (0)20 7904 6834


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