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kitten Floy Maaw, Black spotted
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kitten Floy Maaw, Black spotted

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kitten Floy Maaw, Black spotted


Birthday on On April, 20 2006
The photo is submitted in the age of 2 months.

oriental kitten
name: Floy Maaw *UA
color: Black spotted (n 24)
sex: female

The kitten has the veterinary passport and pedigree FIFe

Previous litter from the given pair (litter "C") highly has been appreciated by experts FIFe and CFA.
For example: On the 22’th and 23’th International Cat Show (FIFe) of the Ukraine Odessa‘ 2005 (10 – 11-th of September) we kittens became the BEST LITTER two days on unanimous voting judges:

  • Mrs Vesna Riznar-Rezetic - Croatia
  • Dr Kvetoslava Mahelkova - Czechia
  • Ing Bohunir Mahelka Czechia

Behind have remained: Exotic, Persians, Maine Coon, Cornish Rex, Russian blue.

Mother: oriental short hair, Doriana OSH b 24
Father : oriental short hair, Aramis Maaw *UA, OSH a

The received titles:

  • FIFe: GIC (GrandInterchampion),
  • CFA: GC (Grand Championsip) - The highest title in system CFA, unique oriental cat on the postSoviet space a having this title

In 2005 CFA meeting give out top 10 awards. Ours cat is the Best Oriental Shorthair in the International Region in 2005.

On February, 18 ours oriental cat have invited to participate in photosession of shooting of advertising of automobile Jaguar


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