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oriental short hair kitten

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oriental short hair kitten


kitten name: Cameron Maaw *UA, blue tabby spotted (male)

Birthday on May, 30, 2005.
The photo is submitted in the age of 2,5 months
(color in a photo is submitted not absolutely qualitatively)

On the 22’th and 23’th International Cat Show (FIFe) of the Ukraine Odessa‘ 2005 (10 – 11-th of September) we kittens became the BEST LITTER two days on unanimous voting judges:

  • Mrs Vesna Riznar-Rezetic - Croatia
  • Dr Kvetoslava Mahelkova - Czechia
  • Ing Bohunir Mahelka Czechia

Behind have remained: Exotic, Persians, Maine Coon, Cornish Rex, Russian blue.

Mother: oriental short hair, Doriana OSH b 24
Father : oriental short hair, Aramis Maaw *UA, OSH a

The received titles:

  • FIFe: IC (Interchampion),
  • RUI: GICH (Grand Inter Champion),
  • CFA: GC (Grand Championsip) - The highest title in system CFA, unique oriental cat on the postSoviet space a having this title

In 2005 CFA meeting give out top 10 awards. Ours cat is the Best Oriental Shorthair in the International Region in 2005.


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