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GCCF Standards of Points for Oriental Cats


.: Publication date 04-Aug-2004 :: Reads: 4830 :: Print current page :.

(43 - 43ys) (Championship status)

Eye Colour: Green with no flecks of contrasting colour. In Red and Cream Shaded the eye colour may be less intense.

Pattern: The Oriental Shaded is an agouti cat in which the dark colour is restricted to the ends of the hairs; this darker portion of the hair may vary from tipping to medium-heavy shading but must not extend to more than half the hair length on the sides in adults. Heavier shading may or may not be apparent on the back. The tabby pattern, which may be Ticked, Spotted, Mackerel or Classic, may show clearly on the surface of the coat in kittens but should become less distinct as the lighter under-colour extends up the hair shaft with maturity. The more heavily shaded adults may still show some superficial broken tabby pattern, especially on the back and sides; this pattern may be more noticeable in standard varieties than in silver varieties. Cats with a classic pattern may appear darker because the pattern area is greater. The head, legs and tail may show tabby markings of varying clarity depending on the degree of shading.

Coat Colour: Shaded or tipped with any colour accepted in Oriental Shorthairs. The shading should be the same colour as the pattern area of the equivalent colour of Oriental Tabby; in Silver colours the shading may be reduced in intensity. The under-colour should be free from ticking. In Standard colours it should be pale warm toffee coloured in Black, Chocolate and Cinnamon Shaded, cream in Red Shaded, cool toned beige in Blue, Lilac and Caramel Shaded, pale mushroom in Fawn Shaded and near white in Cream and Apricot Shaded. In Silver colours the under-colour should be as pale a silver as possible. Tarnishing, i.e. discolouration of the silver, is undesirable.

Nose Leather, Eye Rims & Paw Pads: As in the equivalent colour of Oriental Tabby.

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:

  1. Clear dense tabby markings on the body in adults.
  2. White areas of fur extending to the throat or muzzle in standard colours only.
  3. General Oriental withholding faults.
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