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CFA Breed Standard: Oriental

Bi-Color Color Class

.: Publication date 04-Aug-2004 :: Reads: 5555 :: Print current page :.

All cats conform to the established colors and patterns for parti-colors, shadeds, smokes, solids and tabbies with the addition of white. Calicos should be a white cat with unbrindled patches of blue*, chestnut, cinnamon, ebony, lavender* or fawn* with patches of red or softly intermingled areas of red (presence of several shades of red acceptable; *dilute colors exhibit cream instead of red). Van pattern color should be confined to the extremities, except that one or two small patches on the body are allowable. As a preferred minimum, all bi-colors should have white feet, legs, underside, chest and muzzle. Less than this minimum should be penalized proportionally. Nose leather and paw pads conform to the established standards.

POINTED AND WHITE should appear to the eye as a bi-color. Colors should conform to the established Oriental colors and patterns with the addition of white overlaid with the pointed color restriction. Thus, the non-white parts of the cat vary from the intense expression of color on the points to a paler manifestation of that color on the body (darkening with age is allowed, and may be more pronounced than in non bi-color pointed cats). In younger cats, especially the paler base colors, the contrast is subtle but distinct, and will increase with age. The face and the body should exhibit substantial white (a minimum of one-third is preferred). On the body, the white will show most commonly on the legs, chest, undersides, shoulders, and various spots on the body. There must be some white on the face, with substantial white (a minimum of one-third, or enough to indicate an inverted "V") being preferred. Small spots of color are allowed within the white, both on the face and on the body. Eye color: blue. PENALIZE: lack of inverted "V"; less than one-third white. DISQUALIFY: no white on face.

VAN POINTED AND WHITE should appear to the eye as a van patterned cat. The face and body should be predominantly white with coloration confined to the extremities: head, tail and legs. One or two small patches of body shading are allowable. Because the van pointed and white is predominantly white, the white on the face will most likely extend beyond any white "V" blaze, but a minimum of white on the face would be one-third of the mask. Any point restricted color or body color would be as described in the pointed and white description. Eye color: blue. PENALIZE: less than two-thirds white. DISQUALIFY: no white on face.

COLORS (all patterns of bi-colors): the eight base point colors are seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red and cream and include the "parti-colors" of seal, blue*, chocolate, lilac*, cinnamon, or fawn* with patches of red on both body and extremities (presence of several shades of red acceptable; *dilute colors exhibit cream instead of red). Base point patterns may be solid point and white, shaded point and white, smoke point and white, lynx point and white (including silver), and calico point and white. Body: even, subtle shading is permissible, but clear color is preferable. Allowance should be made for darker color in older cats, but there must be definite contrast between body color and points. Points: (except for white overlay) mask, ears, legs, feet, tail dense and clearly defined; all of the same shade.

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