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HISTORY of BREED the Royal cat - siamese cat breeder

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siamese cat - an owner Andrey GarinIt is precisely not known, when the cat has been cultivated. Not which scientists name provisional date - 2000 B.C. Most likely, it has taken place in Egypt - cats protected granaries from rodents. Gradually with dealers and seafarers phoenician cats began to occupy and other countries. Cats Felis libica are considered parent modern domestic cats, they had ticked colour or striped. In Europe such cats were crossed to wild wood cats Felis Silvestris rubida, having heavier constitution and also striped figure.

Domestikaciya (that is transformation of a wild cat in domestic) has essentially affected and character of cats, and for an image of their life, and on their appearance. Certainly, in purposeful selection (that is deducing of breeds and cultivation of these breeds) cats began to be engaged much later, than breeding selection of horses and dogs. It is explainable - the cat were not and did not become so-called user animals, that is had no practical application in a facilities (except for catching mice), therefore there was no necessity to change their type (skeleton, a wool, the form of a head and so forth) . The cat of any appearance can catch mice. As if to horses and dogs, highly specialized animals were always necessary for people, whose ex-terrier and working qualities varied depending on needs of the person. In a century of knights with a heavy armour and horses were corresponding - massive, hardy, not so quick. The arms has changed, the horseman "became easier" - horses quick, more flexible were required, jumping, etc.

the Cat always " walked in itself ", she was and near to the person, but the dog did not depend on him how, say. Purposeful influence of the person on appearance of a cat are requirements not advantage, but an aesthetics.

Cats Siamese colour (the light body, the painted muzzle, paws and a tail) are known in Europe already more than 120 years. It is interesting, that the first cats were brought to England by Anna Crawford. This widow of the British officer in 1862 has been invited by king of Siam as the governess to his numerous children - to juvenile princes and princesses. Mrs. Crawford was possible to achieve not only love of the pupils, but also sympathy, respect and trust of their mothers, and the main thing - the king. It is necessary to tell, that this history has underlain the well-known musical " King and I " and has been already repeatedly picturized. But here what it is not mentioned neither in performance, nor in films, it is that interesting fact, that in a royal palace in Siam Anna Crawford for the first time has seen unusual Siamese cats - harmonous, blue-eyed - with the refined graceful movements. The governess has not resisted against their charm and when in 1867 term of its service at a court yard of king of Siam has ended, has brought these handsome men to London where they at once began to have the big success. One of the first have estimated these cats of the person of royal blood: English queen Victoria adored Siamese cats, visited exhibitions. To Elizabeth II in honour of its wedding with duke Edinburgh have presented a force-point. Loved these cats were and for film celebrity Vivien Li.

The first representative of this breed who have made exhibition career, cat Pudles from the Great Britain, the belonging lady Doroti Nevill was. It participated in an exhibition of cats in well-known London the Crystal the Oriental carpet in 1872. Certainly, the first siamese, struck imagination English aware that period, are poorly similar to modern animals. It were stockier cats, not such easy and harmonous, many had a short tail, and also a tail with breaks and other defects. Nevertheless, siamese began to type popularity and even more often to participate in exhibitions. 1892 - creation of the first official standard on breed which author became great Harrison Uayr - " father feline ", the founder of all standards and exhibition rules.

some explanations Here are necessary. What is the breed? We name this term numerous enough group agricultural or pets, a phenotype which (appearance) is generated is artificial, purposeful action of the person; such animals have a similar genotype (the general origin), that is the sum of inherited attributes, and the external attributes (ex-terrier) steadily transfer posterity. Deducing of new breed, and also its cultivation are carried out at presence:

  • Standards on breed;
  • the breeding account (breeding books, genealogical and so forth);
  • factory owners, selectors who conduct purposeful selection and selection of manufacturers;
  • the organizations which (breeding farms, nurseries, clubs);
  • monitoring systems of cultivation, breeding selection (an exhibition, reviewes, experts).

So, deducing of any breed means purposeful influence of the person on a population of animals with the purpose of giving to it of the certain qualities (change of the ex-terrier, special working qualities, etc.) . Breed cannot "arose itself" in a deaf taiga, on islands or in a pure field. The nature forms kinds of animals, and the person - breeds. Therefore to tell, for example, " breed of monkeys " - it is illiterate. But it is not enough for formation of breed only will of the person - the certain knowledge, presence of the whole infrastructure of breeding cultivation are necessary: clubs, factory owners, standards, experts, exhibitions. Therefore beautiful legends about self-origin of Russian blue breed of cats (that in an imperial palace in port of Arkhangelsk) are far o from a reality. Existence of a certain population of cats with more or less similar the data in the certain district, but a difference between such population and breed same, as between a stack of logs and Wooden construction is quite probable. Using the certain properties of the given population, it is possible to create breed, however this process on its basis it is long and laborious.

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