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Siamese and east cats (oriental cat) in Russia

.: Publication date 02-Aug-2004 :: Reads: 28014 :: Print current page :.

oriental cat - an owner Yadygina AllaAs we have found out, the first cats Siamese colour have delivered in the USSR not so long ago - in the beginning of 60th years of the last century. Whether there were these cats Siamese? Most likely, no, it there were cats domestic, Siamese colour. In fact the Siamese scheme colour is inherent in several breeds - to Persians, Rex, to British, Ragdoll, etc.

At the first exhibitions of cats (1988-1990) were attempts, as always, to bring up " siamese in collective " - on exhibitions collected cats with Siamese marks and is proud called their Siamese. It is necessary to understand a then situation and an epoch. Any data on thoroughbred cats, except for "Atlas" Vargeyko, was not, standards were inaccessible, as stars, nobody saw cats of other countries. For this reason some clubs tried to find breed there where she is not present and cannot be; initial geneological tables on the cats past at an exhibition a class of beginners were made. It now is clear to us, that the class of beginners (that is cats without a geneological table which exhibitions on results can be used in cultivation) is open only for native breeds (in Russia - Siberians, European short-haired). Those far years all only began, and the enthusiasm frequently replaced knowledge.

To honour of experts, they tried at the first exhibitions, not offending enthusiasts to explain, that it is not necessary to think out a bicycle - it is necessary to get already received thoroughbred cats, thoroughbred, from nurseries.

He first thoroughbred Siamese cats, with documents! About an origin, have appeared in the USSR with the advent of the first clubs of fans of cats - them have brought from Czechoslovakia and Poland. Nicknames Kay Sagir, Mona and Oldesh Gracilis are known now only to experts. Then these cats seem to us top of grace and beauty - thin, harmonous, with a short adjoining wool...

That was to do with by "homebrew" siamese? The idea to make of cats of such type (a round head, stocky, not such harmonous, with a underfur) new breed - Thai where have removed domestic siamese by then has appeared.

It is necessary to tell, that at the first exhibitions east cats made the big success, they seem surprising exotic among set (for that moment) fluffy huge Persians! Only subsequently, when we could see east and Siamese cats of other type, easier and correct, we have understood, that Czech siamese are far from perfect. Their basic lacks were not absolutely easy skeleton, short tails; narrow, small heads; ears of the small size have been put vertically, structures with transition. These lacks occured that Czech: siamese and oriental had in a geneological table... Russian blue cats! The vicious form of a head becomes a headache reconnoitred Russia for many years!

the Following import of cats of east group has given us oriental cat Hove Main Anemon from Poland and a cat of áëþ-point Zahariasha the Orchid. oriental cat has left the trace in cultivation (nursery " ?O?ai? "), the cat on type was very quite good, however, in our opinion, the policy of his breeding use was unsuccessful: him tried "to correct" domestic siamese (thai), and as consequence, thoroughbred it almost has not left posterity. Approximately rather good animals are brought to same time from Czechoslovakia - from nursery Sheridan. They leave a trace in nurseries of Moscow club "Feliks ".

Step forward in cultivation of east group became a cat from GDR Charli background Munlau (Charlie von Munhlaue)- Foreign white. At him the excellent structure, equal and correct, almond-shaped eyes, ears let small was, but is wider planted. The posterity of this cat differed the greater correctness of the ex-terrier and ease of type.

Breed Foreign white has been registered in England in 1964 Turner which could prove that it is possible to deduce a white cat with blue eyes which will not have any problems with hearing (is widely known the theory about coupled genes white colour, blue color of eyes and deafness). A result of its breeding program became a white cat, whose blue color of eyes has been inherited at siamese (genetically Foreign white - white siamese with Siamese color of eyes that is reflected in the code of this breed by rules FIFe - SIA w 67, that is a Siamese cat with white marks and with blue Siamese color of eyes).

So, in cultivation oriental cat in 90th years used lines and Foreign white Charli - it has given rather good structure, has little bit more widely put ears. Cats white colour with blue eyes and at exhibitions, children of a German cat have appeared. However if in Europe Foreign white by virtue of their Siamese genetics carry all the same to siamese and use in cultivation siamese in Russia by virtue of the limited number of manufacturers

Charli knitted and with east cats. The result was not slow to affect - so, in nursery " Black brilliant " in the beginning 90 have appeared kitties white colour (from a cat Ebony): one pussy-cat with green eyes, another-? variously painted (one eye blue, the second green). How to them to concern? What they breeds? Having consulted with skilled experts and factory owners, we have written down kitten in oriental group - in fact the eye at them were not blue. Unfortunately, interest to cats of east type white colour was not big, and Foreign white have for a long time disappeared from exhibitions and from cultivation.

In the beginning of 90th years - break! To the country bring a little animal of the USA, a cat from Holland and a cat from France. From the American nursery "Pet marck " bring fine as red oriental cat on nickname Buenasuerte Wildfire of Capriole. The cat had excellent skeleton - easier, than his European colleagues, very short and skintight wool, the correct form a head, almond-shaped eyes, low and widely planted ears. And the main thing is there was a new line. Together with the several Siamese cats conceding to it on type, it has put in pawn a basis of the line used basically in nursery " Striped legion " during last years without changes and flow new blood. His posterity has adopted his basic advantages - a wool and skeleton.

From Holland in conducting club of the CIS on east group - Êýò Strong (International feline the association) has been brought a cat Lilac-tabby-point - Kasimir van Ordafa. It combined blood of the best nurseries of Holland and England (Matricis, Midamist) and had fine type - wedge-shaped a narrow head with an excellent, equal structure, almond-shaped, askew the planted eyes, ears widely and are low planted. The cat had excellent skeleton - a long body on high legs, a long tail. Use Kazimir in cultivation is difficult for overestimating - his descendants have put in pawn new lines in cultivation of east cats across all CIS - from Ukraine up to Kazakhstan.

Animals of this group became more harmonious, thin on skeleton, the direct structure at last has turned out, ears have sat down below and more widely. The cat appeared not only excellent show-animal (repeatedly won Best in Show, was the Best cat of year International feline associations), but also the manufacturer - his children and grandsons can be learned "to face".

Besides from this cat there were the first oriental the speckled figure, the first cat such colour in the CIS became Dzhessika Ketrin, a chocolate speckled cat with unusually precise figure and fine type.

From France Dzhonna Dubo's cat du Prince (Johanna du Bois du Prince), interesting even has been imported because had new lines, good enough type, and the main thing (that factory owners have estimated only subsequently) - she was the carrier of marble figure.

But with import England magnificent manufacturer of extreme type Pannanduloa Kohinoor in Russia the first have appeared oriental silvery group - tabby and shaded. This cat was the typical representative of English type ~Ø long, long-legged, with huge ears, is wide ò low planted, almond-shaped eyes. The first litters from this manufacturer have shown, that east group receives a new level of development. Unfortunately, the cat has lived a little, has left some descendants who till now perfectly show itself. It is especially pleasant for me, that in our club Ket Strong it is a lot of lineal descendants of this remarkable cat.

Let's mention still siamese, imported for our nurseries from Holland, Tompoes van Beverkrul (a blue-point with registration and origin Cat Fancy Association) and it paul sister Didi van Beverkrul (the American and English lines), improved not only Siamese, but also oriental breed. Didi it has been tied with Kazimir and a combination of the American lines (Texthai) and English (Midamist, Pendlemist, Matricis) has yielded fine results - magnificent manufacturers Dionisa and Diomeda Kilimandzharo. They, in turn, gave excellent oriental not only in Moscow, but also on all country. Oriental children Tompoesa (from nursery Ajs Kvin) are a basis of nurseries in Moscow (Jungle) and on the Far East. American lines Texthai have proved in oriental big, low planted ears, a harmonous, long body, very short wool. Son Tompoesa black speckled cat Bogdan Porcelayn Êýò already has won a little Best in Show at the largest exhibitions of Moscow and Moldova. We shall note, that contrary to fears the American lines were perfectly imposed on European, in result the animals combining advantages of both lines have turned out. Last purchases oriental nurseries Luana Ben Ket and Lambada - animal Finnish lines-???-?O from nursery Arhantin (Finland) Arhantin Coppola and red oriental from Saint Petersburg kaiser Isten Gest. On the account oriental rank Top Cat MFA, set won Best, a rank Champion MFA of 2002. The first litters from this manufacturer have shown, that at a cat rich potential. Nurseries of Saint Petersburg a little to us are known, but, apparently, they too do not lag behind in cultivation of east group.

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