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Siamese cats - history of breed

.: Publication date 02-Aug-2004 :: Reads: 22392 :: Print current page :.

here is so looks siamese catHardly any other breed of cats causes so much disputes. These cats have the aficionados asserting, that representatives of this breed not only the most beautiful, elegant and graceful cats on light, but that the most attractive in them is a mind, ingenuity, the friendly attitude to all people and gentle love to owners. Others will tell with great feeling terrible histories about bloodthirsty cats with a black muzzle and curve tails which are dangerous to all associates and in the hatred to people artfully snatch even on owners who sing and feed them.

From all other breeds of cats siamese's - the most unusual, not ordinary cats. They combine " grace of the panther, precipitancy of a fallow deer, force of a lion and fidelity of a dog " - experts on breed speak. Sometimes adding: " And cunning of the monkey ".

who of the rights in this dispute? Strangely enough, both parties are right here, it is necessary to notice only, that ill-wishers speak not about cats of Siamese breed, and about "mongrels" spoiled with people.

That has taken place? For a long time, approximately in the middle of 60th years of XX century, the known Russian figure of arts was on performances in England. This person was well-known not only as the magnificent actor, but also as the big fan of animals. It is necessary to notice, however, what simply to love animals a little, it is necessary also to know them Here absence of basic knowledge and has brought this person. In London it for the first time has seen Siamese cats, completely unknown then in Russia, and could not resist against their charm. In result it has returned to Moscow with two charming Siamese kitties paint a force-point (with dark brown marks) - the brother and the sister from one mark.

All was fine, but kitten have grown and unambiguously let know to owners that intend to get posterity. Others siamese at that time not whether to in Moscow, but also in general in the country were not, both the owner have tied the brother and the sister. In cultivation this reception refers to as closely related crossing, or him ambrinding. Similar reception is used for fastening positive qualities at posterity, but applied very cautiously, and cross usually not direct relatives, and as though through a step, for example the uncle to the niece or the grandson with the grandmother.

At too often crossing too close relatives there is a danger of display of negative qualities which "bore", but parents did not show. At posterity distinctions genetic defects and uglinesses can be observed. So all also have taken place Posterity, in turn, knitted and among themselves, and! Parents. As a result of a cat have changed a phenotype, that is a complex of the external data. Instead of elegant, lengthened, long-legged " ballet dancers " with huge blue, askew planted eye siamese began to name thick, with round mug cats with small round eyes. And well-known Siamese "switch" - thin, very long direct elegant tail has turned to a curve, the broken off flourish.

Has changed in the worse party and character of unfortunate victims of human irresponsibility. They began to show frequently irritability, aggression, happened, that they answered caress of owners an attack and drawing to a caressing hand of serious wounds. In what put?

It was found out, that a curve tail at these unfortunate-9 it, so to say, top of an iceberg. The tail is a continuation of a backbone. If his end is curved, it is logical to assume, that in the same position there are also the others vertebra. Curved vertebral disks clamp the nervous terminations, and the animal constantly suffers from a strong pain in a back. Speaking easier, at such cat - a radiculitis. Hardly it is possible to keep tender, friendly character if the back constantly hurts in you, and the owner also strives to touch you on this back. From here and aggression. But unless animals in it are guilty?

Such cats and cats at all do not correspond to standards of Siamese breed and have no right on this nice pedigree name. The present Siam - an animal simply unusual.

it is Difficult to pick up words to describe his elegance, grace and the grace, hypnotizing sight big almond-shaped bright-blue eyes, the expressive, perfectly modulated voice. It goes, gracefully crossing long, very harmonous legs, highly bearing a direct long tail, looks to you in an eye unique as at a beauty on east miniature, eyes and quietly asks you, with precise interrogative intonation: " -? " All clearly it has approached to get acquainted and asks: " who you? What for the person? We shall be friends? "

To win friendship siamese it is simple. These cats marvellously strongly love people and always go him on a meeting openheartedly. Due to the graceful extended proportions of a body, siamese look it is deceptive fragile, skinny, weightless, but actually cats can reach weight of five kgs. At them steel muscles. Siamese can play, rush hours one after another on an apartment, flying up on cases and one jump flying through a room. Siamese experts on horses compare jog to run of the Arabian horse. Tell also, that beauties of east harems hold at themselves Siamese cats to study at them in graceful movements and graceful poses, and it very much similarly as the truth.

At siamese oval small pillows of paws, with long finger as at the pianist or the pickpocket, and they very much dexterously are able to use them. It is difficult to believe, but they can easily learn to open cases and boxes of desks, boxes and bags. Siamese, undoubtedly, the cleverest cats, but also the most artful and ingenious. If they liked any bagatelle, they without effort will find her in any secret place, will get, where you would not thrust her, and if nevertheless cannot extract its will elicit at you. If this cunning will make the way to you on knees, will have a look in eyes and a gentle expressive voice will ask: " ! Give, please! " - I warrant, you will not resist.

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