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GCCF Standards of Points for Tabby Point Siamese & newer colours of Siamese Cats

Tortie point (32b)

.: Publication date 25-Mar-2005 :: Reads: 9102 :: Print current page :.

Eyes: Brilliant intense blue, the deeper the better.
Points: The base colour is patched and/or mingled at random with varying shades of red, cream or apricot; any large areas of red, cream or apricot may show some striping. Points need not be evenly broken but each point must show some break in colour no matter how small; broken pad colour constitutes a break in colour on that leg. Presence or absence of a blaze is immaterial.
Body: Pale, showing clear contrast with the points as in the equivalent solid-pointed Siamese. Any shading will show patching or mingling and a Tortie Point should be penalised for shading no more nor less severely than the equivalent solid-pointed Siamese.
Nose Leather, Eye Rims & Paw Pads: In accordance with the base colour and/or pink.)

Withhold Certificates or First Prizes in Kitten Open Classes for:
1. Pale and/or dull eye colour.
2. Any one point showing complete absence of broken colour.
3a. Black in points or body colour in Seal Tortie Points
3b. Dark blue in points or body colour in Blue Tortie Points
3c. Cold dark chocolate in points or body colour in Chocolate Tortie Points
3d. Dark lilac in points or body colour in Lilac Tortie Points
3e. Cold points or body colour in Cinnamon or Fawn Tortie Points.
4a. Absence of red in mask, ears and tail in adult Seal, Chocolate or Cinnamon Tortie Points
4b. Hot cream in points or body colour in Blue or Lilac Tortie Points
5. General Siamese withholding faults.

Points: Warm cinnamon brown with shades of red.
Body: Ivory. Shading, if any, to tone with the points.

Points: Dark brownish blue (in blue based) or brownish grey (in lilac/fawn based) with shades of apricot.
Body: Off-white. Shading, if any, to tone with the points.)

Points: Warm pale rosy mushroom with shades of cream.
Body: Off-white (magnolia). Shading, if any, to tone with the points.

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