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Commercial imports of dogs, cats and ferrets into Spain

The following rules concern the commercial import of dogs, cats, and ferrets into Spain on or after October 1, 2004, pursuant to Regulation 92/65/EEC. If your animal will enter Spain before October 1, 2004, read this page instead.

The importation of dogs, cats, or ferrets less than three months old is not allowed.

The entry of dogs, cats, or ferrets will be considered a commercial import when:

  • The importation consists of more than five animals; or
  • When the animals, regardless of number, are not accompanied by the owner or the owner’s authorized representative.

If you are travelling accompanied by five or less animals, please read the requirements for non-commercial imports.

The commercial import of pet animals into Spain may be subject to customs taxes and/or duties. For more information on this, please contact the customs office at the port of entry.

The animals must be examined by an Official Veterinarian within the 24 hours prior to departure. The animals will be accompanied by a certificate, according to this model, and signed by the same veterinarian, which will certify that the animals comply with the following requirements:

  1. On the date of issuance, the animals do not show signs of disease, particularly of contagious diseases affecting the species;
  2. The animals are identified with either a tattoo or a microchip compatible with standards ISO-11784 or ISO-11785 (check with your veterinarian). If the animals are identified with a non-compatible microchip, the importer must supply the appropriate reading equipment.
  3. The animals have been vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination will be certified by an official veterinarian, supplying the following information:
    • Vaccination date
    • Vaccination valid until…
    • Type of vaccine
    • Name of the vaccine
    • Manufacturing laboratory
    • Lot number
    • Name and address of the veterinarian that administered the vaccine.

The last paragraph of section “D” of the certificate does not apply to dogs, cats, or ferrets travelling from the United States and Canada to Spain.


 Embassy of Spain
 Added:  Friday, September 10, 2004

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