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Siamese cats

Siamese cats have been one of the most popular pet cats for hundreds of years. Varieties of the Siamese cat are categorized by color points.

The Siamese breed of cat has been a favorite for quite some time. The website "PetSupport USA Feline Reference Library", published in 1997 by PetSupport USA, provides information on the history and origin of the Siamese cat in the article entitled "Siamese". It says this mysterious cat originates in primitive Thailand which was once known as Siam. Siamese cats were highly respected and honored in the king's palace and in Buddhist monasteries. These exquisite cats were considered royal cats who protected the palace and monasteries from malevolent spirits and uninvited guests. The behavior of the Siamese would indicate that an unwelcome visitor was in their midst. The Siamese were included in religious rituals, and they were thought to bring good luck. In 1884 Siam's king gave a royal Siamese cat to a British general. These fascinating cats had somehow made their way to the United States several years prior to this.

The temperament and personality of the Siamese cat is described by the article "Siamese". It says the Siamese is a very vocal cat that uses great perseverance to achieve its desires. They are full of life and quite intelligent as well. Siamese cats are also very devoted to their caretakers and show a lot of love and affection. They tend to be much more sociable than other breeds of cats. The Siamese seek the attention of their owners by persuading them with rather loud feline calls and gentle, loving nudges. The Siamese breed of cat is not for those who want a quiet, independent companion.

Siamese have bodies that are light in color with darker areas known as points. The darker points are the tail, ears, feet, legs, and face. The point categories of the Siamese that are acknowledged in America are listed by the website article entitled "Cat Breed Care Sheet - Siamese Cat", which was published by Pet Warehouse. It lists the lilac point Siamese, blue point Siamese, seal point Siamese, and chocolate point Siamese. According to the same article, Siamese kittens are solid white when they are born, and they develop their color points as they mature. It says the varying colors develop because of lower skin temperatures in the areas of the points. Environmental factors, fur length, and the Siamese cat's body temperature all play a part in the degree of color the points ultimately develop. These four varieties are described in detail in the website publication "Siamese Internet Cat Club", in the article entitled "Siamese-Basic Colors", which was published by Zelines. They are listed as follows.

The lilac point Siamese was officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1950. They are snow white in color with silvery-gray and pink highlighted points. This rare Siamese cat has intense blue eyes, and the pads of the feet and the nose are a unique shade of lilac.

Blue point Siamese cats have a white body with blue overtones, and the abdomen and chest gradually fade to white. This beautiful blue-eyed cat has gray points, and the pads of the feet and nose are also gray. The blue point Siamese cat was officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1930.

The seal point Siamese cat has enchanting blue eyes and a body that is varying shades of cream. This cat's points, pads of the feet, and its nose are a beautiful, rich shade of brown. Seal points were the first true Siamese cats to reach the United States.

Chocolate point Siamese cats are creamy-white in color with rich chocolate-brown points and striking blue eyes. The pads of the feet and nose are a shade of brownish-pink. This breed was formally recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1950.

Male Siamese cats typically weigh eleven to fifteen pounds and females weigh approximately eight to twelve pounds, according to "Cat Breed Care Sheet - Siamese Cats". The Siamese breed of cat is very lovable and makes a great pet and companion. It is no wonder why the Siamese cat has been a favorite breed for hundreds of years.


 Kimberly Osburn
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