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siamese cat cattery MAAW *UA The desire to get a cat has arisen at us for a long time. Besides, it would be desirable any unusual. Long did not think - have gone on all the BIRD'S MARKET known in Kiev. Have passed some numbers, her … the Beautiful long body, the extended attractive face, the big ears yet have not seen. It was the Siamese cat.

For that moment all our knowledge under the maintenance of cats consist only that they should have inoculations. And, as owner has told, that all inoculations are, we " not doubting " her have bought seconds. At once have taken for it all necessary: a toilet, sand, a forage...

a week later our pleasure was saddened. Samira (so we have named her) began to sneeze, the cold has appeared, eyes were tightened by the third century. In some days, having tried on temperature, we were frightened - 41, 5. not knowing what to do, have called back to the mistress and have once again asked concerning inoculations. As appeared, we have bought 5 monthly cat without inoculations!!

Now it was necessary to treat in its urgent image. Samira every day all became worse. The familiar, checked up veterinaries, at us were not. Therefore we began to invite veterinaries under recommendations of friends.

It is possible to speak about so-called veterinaries and their methods of treatment long. Set having pricked, daily droppers… the Given horror proceeded 2 months. Also was too late when we have found veterinaries on a calling. Samira has died at us on hands on a way to clinic. It was an awful shock for us. After some days, we have called owner Samira to tell about happened … Having felt the fault, she has offered us other kitten on a hire basis.

Having waited for 2 weeks, having disinfected an apartment, we have taken 3O a monthly Siamese kitten whom have lead through all stages of vaccination. So at us has appeared Sheila. Not knowing, not guessing, we have received a Siamese cat of the Show-class. Also our quite successful exhibition life … Sheila began has passed three exhibitions with excellent results: 3 exhibitions - 3 nominations on BIS.

And here there has come time to continue posterity and to develop a pedigree line. Sheila has changed the way of life. From free madam she has turned to careful mummy. Now at it other problems connected to education of worthy posterity. And we start to get the first experience as factory owners Siamese and oriental cats.

And our start as it seems to us, has gone right even very much and very much …

Good luck,
are Always glad to receive advice, and will share with you our experience.
Inna Garina and its Siamese and Oriental cats
+38 067 357 59 59

certificate of the cattery MAAW *UA (FIFe) № CN UFU 0077

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