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We invite to visit an exhibition of cats on which you can communicate, see, buy with us ours kitten.

We invite to an exhibition of cats: " VIII Open Championship of Ukraine (ROLANDUS)"

Opening VIII Open Championship of Ukraine!!! (ROLANDUS)

the Ukrainian Association of Fans of Cats invites you to take part in the International exhibition of cats in frameworks VIII Open Championship of Ukraine which will take place on October, 9-10, 2004 in the city of Kiev. All owners and factory owners irrespective of their system and club accessory are invited.

the Fair ground: the City Palace of Children and Youthes, Kiev, street of January Revolt 13. (m. Арсенальная)

Examination is carried out by experts AB:

4 AB a ring

  • Peter Paul Moormann (NETHERLANDS)
  • Inna Shustrova (RUSSIA)
  • Arie Groenewegen (NETHERLANDS)
  • Olga Arsenkina (UKRAINE)

At an exhibition are open all exhibition classes. A class kitten - with 3ех up to 8и months. Classes of the Championship - with 8и months. For registration on an exhibition it is necessary to give the filled application of the participant and a x-copy of a geneological table of an exposed animal.

Owners of the cats registered in others фелинологических the organizations, but decided to participate with the animals in exhibitions RUI, at registration on an exhibition should receive the identification number corresponding to exhibition classes RUI. Assignment of identification number is paid only once - at registration on the first in career of your animal an exhibition of the Open Championship of Ukraine - at a rate of 12 грн.

Kitten on an exhibition (both for examination, and in an advertising class) are supposed only from 3 monthly age, after reception of identification exhibition number RUI. ATTENTION! Kitten, both participating in examination, and present at an exhibition in an advertising class, necessarily should have registration documents.

For passage of the veterinary control presence of the veterinary passport with marks about vaccination (the inoculation from furiousness is obligatory) is necessary.

the presence in a cell with an exposed animal no more than two registered kitten, belonging Is authorized to the factory owner.

Cost of participation in an exhibition:

  Up to 8/31/2004
(for nonresident - on a postage stamp)
with 9/1/2004 till 5.10.2004
(for nonresident - on a postage stamp)
with 10/6/2004 till 9.10.2004
1ый an exhibitor 160 UAH 190 UAH 250 UAH
2ой an exhibitor 130 UAH 160 UAH 220 UAH
3ий an exhibitor 100 UAH 130 UAH 190 UAH
Cost of an additional advertising cell - 60 уЁэ.

Гр тъш to send to the address: 03150, Kiev - 150, p.o. 264
E-mail: ,
Fax: (044-296-79-35 (for Bokova)

Postal orders to send to the address: 08321, the Kiev region, a settlement. Chubinskiy, street. Pogrebnak, д.18, sq. 12, Rakitnyh Olga Vladlenovne

ATTENTION! Participation in an exhibition on preliminary record is conducted at the Central office of Association to the address: Kiev, street. Predslavinskaiy, д. 43/2.

the Operating time: Tuesday and Thursday from 15-00 till, Saturday from 11-00 till . Ph. (044)-252-80-89.

we Shall be glad to see you at our exhibitions!

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